19 April 2007

Airport Care for the Elderly

Do you know that if you are sending your elderly to the airport, especially if they are flying alone the airport staffs will taken special care for them wan?

This frend of mine, recently his mum went to Amadika to visits him and when its time for his mum to go home, he sent her to the airport and make sure the staff there knows about all her special needs.

Ahbeng : Can you please make sure you get a wheelchair for my mum? she canT walk because of her arthritis.
Ahlian : Yes sir .... we will take care of that.
Ahbeng : and also her eyesight is not good wan, sometime can see .. sometime cant, so please make sure they is someone accompanying her all the way to the plane ok?
Ahlian :Not a problem sir .... we got that taken care of!
Ahbeng : Great!
Ahlian : dont worry sir ... lemme assures you that we will take good care of your mum
Ahbeng : Tenkiu vehlee much!
Ahlian : You are welcome! by the way sir ....
Ahbeng : Yea?
Ahlian : Do your mum need a rental car also? book thru us got 20% rebate one!


  1. omg i almost didnt get it!!! kakakkak

  2. Anonymous9:56 am

    I don't understand???

  3. Hmm...change the can walk in can't walk sure ok liao.. haha... beh tahan this elderly care laugh till stomach pain ...

  4. kenot walk, kenot see oredi the airport staff still got the cheek to ask whether wanna rent car anot

  5. so many ah lian stories nowadays,,,

  6. owh... i dun understand the stoli until i read nickosaurus's comment.. hahahaha...


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