4 April 2007

Moose Hunting in Texas

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Last time when Linpeh staying in Amadika that time, he and his close frend Ahbeng loves to go moose hunting wan. Every year they will go for their hunting trip together one (like brokeback mauturn mia story lidat la!)

When moose hunting season were open in Texas both Linpeh and Ahbeng packed up their camping gears, hired a small plane and left for their hunting trip.

The Pilot let them off at a marked location and told them that he will come back and pick them up 3 days later.

Both Linpeh and Ahbeng enjoyed their hunting trip very much and they managed to hunt 5 moose in that 3 days.

The Pilot finally arrived to pick them up and both Linpeh and Ahbeng were loading all 5 moose into the small plane when the Pilot tells them :

Pilot : Oi! this plane can only carry 3 moose max! kenot put 5 la!
Linpeh : Eh why kenot put 5? last year we rent the same plane like yours and we put 6 moose la!
Ahbeng : Yala yala!! u dont bruff us Ahbengs ok? Last year also put 6! Now 5 only why kenot put?! If kenot put we wont pay you la!
Pilot : Ok la ok la! put la! put la! Later kenot fly you dont blame me!

Then after they packed everything, The Pilot also go thru his takeoff procedure la .... manatau the plane really refused to take off even tho the Pilot alredi kasi full power to the engine.

The plane crashed afew minutes after take off. Luckily Linpeh and Ahbeng got use seatbelt la so both of them survived the crash.

As Ahbeng and Linpeh climbing out of the wrecked plane, Ahbeng asked Linpeh :

Ahbeng : Eh any idea where we are rite now anot?
Linpeh : I think almost the same place as where the plane crashed last year also la!
Ahbeng : Niahma! I thot less 1 moose can fly further wan!!!! ARGH!!!


  1. Wingz...you never fail to deliver..damn 9 funny man.

  2. haHAhhaHAhhaa

    i tot linpeh was pregnant or something wann?? =P

  3. muahahahahhaa.... tears flowing down my eyes liow.

    (After 10 mins)Anyway, u had been tagged. Refer HERE

  4. Lin Peh still alive after plane crash ? Keng leh ! Next time drive spotcar also no need safety belt liao ! LOL!

  5. ~~~wah the lin peh don't kill the pilot last year with 6 moose but he kill the pilot this year with 5 moose....hahaha

  6. ROTFL. Very Hilarious.

    Like Bro. Wai. I kena tag and have to tag someone. u had been tagged. :)

  7. Kena twice but still alive. Fok tai meng tai!

  8. simon8:07 pm

    thanks for the plug, man!

  9. tux : haha elo brader how are you doing over there in amadika la? but so far only u think its funny bcoz all others cant relates la lol!

    huei : linpeh preggy??!!! when??

    wai kor: niahmeh ... i made annoucements ledi wor, i donwan do tags anymore leh

    linpeh : u drive motor also no nid seat belts one la!

    sasuke : eh the pilot not killed leh .. hes still alive wan! lol

    flsam : err tag ar? i retired leh

    lehbit : haha they were ready for impact one wor! of coz they wont die la!

    simon : np buddy! dun mention it!


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