1 April 2007

Comic Sunday

I felt so lazy on Sunday!!!! too bad i cant play corpse today ... lil devil have to wake me up and ask me to bring him to lunch. The price to pay as a fader .... I nid a break!

I found these images from in my inbox and thot its interesting enuff for me to post it here .... never seen this kinda work before tho, its almost like interactive comics lidat.

*pinch your cute face*

gimme back my spec!!!

erm ... i prefer not to komen on this ...

kids ... dont do this at home ok? infact dont do this anywhere!

why pull pants there ar ?

WTF? this is too dramatic! pull till hair also putus!

erm .. i cant figure out why u wanna pull a guy mia face?

pull tie will pokai one!

Kids .... this one also kenot do one ok?

haha! this is so kinda realistic! kids dont do this to your frend pls!

this is how u hang dry a wet hobbit!

kids ... this one is definitely a NO NO!!! dun even think bout it ok?

I wish i could have this kinda comic as pet too!!! kinda kinky i know ... but its just a thot ok??!!!!


  1. *pat pat wingz kor kor back*

    Come come we play menyamar mayat! Ask little devil to join in also lah!

  2. if i were to advertise my blog would anyone go visit it? Haha lurve the pics la. They are marvelous!

  3. menyamar mayat... now no heng adi la... now heng menyamar lin peh!!!!


  4. if leh bit play mayat ...
    i wan to play oso.....

    i wan play C.S.I officer

  5. Wah... everywhere also pull! O.o


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