12 April 2007

Ahbeng Condom Size

Both Ahbeng and Ahlian has been dating for a few months ledi, and finally one day they decided to do it. (do what? make lafu la! Mch u dun pretend u derno ok?!!)

Before that Ahbeng showed his kkc to Ahlian before and Ahlian was kinda impressed with his size la! Ahlian response was

"Wuah Ahbeng!!! You so Tai-luk wan!" (Ahbeng your kkc very big!)

ok ok kambek to the day Ahbeng and Ahlian decide to make lafu ... so Ahlian asked Ahbeng to go buy condom at the pharmacy.

Ahbeng : I never buy before one wor!
Ahlian : Just goan buy only!
Ahbeng : Buy what brand ar?
Ahlian : Buy Durex la! Durex fehmes mah!
Ahbeng : Durex ar? ok ok err ... condom got size anot one ar?
Ahlian : Err ... I think got leh!
Ahbeng : Then how i know what size ar? unzip my fly and show to the pharmacist the ask her "Eh .. my kkc so Tailuk ... Whats size you think ar?" lidat ask ar?
Ahlian : U har? Size 6!
Ahbeng : HAR??!! size 6? How u know got size 6 one?!!
Ahlian : Becoz Size 6 is Tailuk mia size mah!
Ahbeng : Really?!!
Ahlian : Ya la!!
Ahbeng : You no bruff me one hor?
Ahlian : No bruff u wan la!!! U derno meh? Tai-luk is no.6th in canto wor!!!
Ahbeng :Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*The No.6 is prounced as Luk in canto.

So, there you go ... if you got big kkc, buy condom size 6 ok?!!! dunsay i no tell u!!!


  1. LOL!!!
    Sick ady see ur jokes oso can get better~
    Can open clinic liao...

  2. alamak! liddat also can?

  3. lkj i would laff...budden i saw...a black penis this morning...condoms just makes me grossed out!!

  4. haha.. how bout wah... your kkj hou9tai.. so it's no. 9 lor issit ?? hahaha

  5. Now only I noticed you put in pat leong kam's face into the header pic. He really blends in well! LoL...

  6. alexallied1:17 pm

    Category: Cold jokes.


  7. sap 9 la ur kkc

    haha...then size 19

  8. If tai-luk is size 6 and if tai cheong leh? What size?

  9. lmao... tailuk then no6 plak ni... sapa punya law ni...

    then wingz pinya apa size leh? tai gau ha? :P

  10. LOL. Tai Luk = no.6th. OKOK. next time i go pharmacy and ask for condom size no.6th.

  11. tailuk-kapcheong7:01 pm

    niamah lei lin kum 9 ngup (cock talk). available sizes 49mm, 52mm, 54mm. woi make sure use the correct size brader. if not come out then really ying chan tai luk kap cheong.

  12. Wakakaka... is this one continue story from my Ah Beng's first date?

  13. then my number is tai -986!!!

  14. rycerain : wuah lidis next time u sick no nid to go for injection la! LOL!

    sasha : niahma!!! why kenot?!

    huei : black cock? chinese chicks now dig black cock la!!! u derno meh?

    janicepa : kakaka u go pharmacy n ask them la! u think i condom expert ka?

    bryan : kakaka mch u abit late kan?

    alex : cold jokes? got such category one?

    daniel : 19 size is elephant size ledi wor!

    erinalaw : tai cheong then use it to make lap mei rice la! kakakaka

    conan : me hou lan tailuk! 6XXL size! LOL!

    Youngbrat : wuah not all pharmacy also got this size one ger wor!

    tailuk-kapcheong : Wuah lu is condom expert ka?

    kenny-ng : kakaka Ahbeng first date is like how wan ar?

    ckyeo : niahma u cheong zai only la!!! April told me wan!!! kakakaka

  15. Wah, macam macam karer ada. Sikalang ada macam macam size lagi! Ahaks! What a turn on!


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