24 July 2005

What is Really Happening In a Guy's Toilet ? LADIES, Come Here To Find Out!

Girls and Ladies! [guys also can but other than that pls dont click here!]

Ever wonders what we guys talk about or do in the Men's room/toilet ?

Join this 3 handsome Young man in the guy's toilet and experience it yourself, see for yourself what kinda stuffs is happening inside a men's room. Dont say i dont warn you! Those who laugh last dint hear the joke first! :P

Cast : Kenneth, Mack and Paul


  1. Oi, 8 leung kam, mana lu?



  3. Kenneth2:08 am

    OMFG... I am so gonna wash my hands with dettol!0

  4. Saw this b4 ler.. Show something new fr. ur ideal job as (toilet) jaga lar.. :P

  5. LOL, can show us what happening in ladies toilet in the next post? it should be more interesting

  6. Shit ... now that image is stuck in my head ... bugger

  7. Jxt2J : haha tonite ur turn wei!

    kiasi : you find my Aujeong (idol) got wat ar ?

    paul : tenkiu .. you hold mack's dicky !!! faggot!

    Jason : hmmm ... you turn will come very soon LOL!

    crazygirl : wei ... mine one got original manglish subtitle one wor!!

    andy : knot la .. i dun dare to bring camera go into female toilet .. sked kena rape later lol!

    Mack : EEWW!!! you hold paul's dick !!! everytime you go peing ... you will feels like you are holding paulie's dick LMAO!!!! [fark!!! u wakeup at 6:44am? u got nuthing better to do on sunday ar ?]

  8. OMG.....wingz...you ah..LOL..


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