28 May 2006

Rojaks Daily Bull-eh!!!!

I was told by a friend that Rojaks Daily were in Top 10 position in Malaysia's Unofficial Top 70 Blogs so i checked it out and indeed Rojaks Daily is ngam ngam in Top 10

Full Story LINK

But if u take a closer look, got lotsa more powderful blogs thats not listed in there wan, no wonder Rojaks can sapu Top 10 la! if you follow Technorati list Rojaks is only Top 12 that one also excluding the other more powderful blogs like Drliew.net 5xmom Lengmou KYspeaks and alot others. If they are included I think Rojaks Daily cant even get into Top 20 list wuahahahaha!!!!

Anyway, can masuk the top 70 list also kira dem happy ledi la ... crappy blogs lidis also can masuk Top 70 list Gua Caya Sama lu bebs!!!! Telimakasi sams Latuk Syed Syahrul Zarizi also for susah susah compile itu list kasi gua shiok kejap, tapi Latuk, itu list tarak complete la lol!

Ok lar dun tease 9 me ledi lar! lemme kembang awhile can anot? Top 10 wor! mch KEMBANG PUKI!!!



  1. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Gua apa pun takda. ROFLMAO...

  2. Wah! Rojaks Daily is in the top ten! When will I reach top 500... Hahaha... Congrads brother. :D

  3. si heng!!!!! lei duck jor!!! Ammah...

  4. Wei, Top 10 wor.. kira hebat ledi lor.
    Gua caya sama lu. Kasi lu kembang lagi.LOL

  5. Anonymous12:05 am

    Kahsoon pun kalah sama lu, lu memang terror lah!

  6. yahuuu wingz you should belanja us all b-kos we all contribut and make your site as the 1st site when i go online....

  7. fuiyooh!! lansi lah you!

  8. Anonymous12:12 pm


    Ada request lah...ROJAKS blog boleh in Malay, Chinese, and Indian translation ah?

  9. bryan : takpa! aku switch place with lu! i shiok 1 day enuff liow lol

    wu canrou: u want switch place also can ... just for u FOC!

    5xmom : ammah ngo duck jor lar!!!

    aceone : mimpi lar top 10 .... if u betul betul kira top 100 also can get in anot lol

    bryan : kanneh lu tambah petrol izzit? kahsoon is definitely on top of me wan la

    pisang : cann!!! i invite u all to my pisang party!

    ahpek : mana lansi? itu list tarak chun one laa

    tux : chinese malay n yindian? can can! you find me 3 guest bloggers who can write chinese, malay and yindian 1st la!

  10. leng mou powerful blog? pls dun joke wingz!


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