1 February 2006

Little Devil and Fearless The Movie (MTV and Preview Included)

Note : MTV & Fearless movie preview located at the bottom of this post

I grew up watching/reading/listening about stories of Fok Yin Kap (Huo Yuanjia), Fok Tung Kok and Chan Jan. If you are wondering who is this 3 fellas then you apparently do not know much about Jin Woo Association, Fok Yin Kap (Huo Yuanjia) are the founder of Chin Woo Athletic Association and we have one right in the heart of K.L. Its call Chin Woo Stadium.

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Chin Woo Stadium K.L. Jalan Hang Jebat

I dont know how many of you guys been there before but that is one of my regular place to lepak during my school days, with the hep of HK tvb its kinda impossible for a chinese kid like me not to know who is Fok Yin Kap.

Fok Yin Kap (Huo Yuanjia) is my kinda hero back in the school days and I would want my kid to know about him too. You see, in my family there is an ongoing tradition - all male are encouraged to learn some kinda self defense martial art/kungfu. I learnt Wing Chun and Taekwando, Lil devil is being groomed towards that direction too. He loves Kungfu/martial art movies and he does have a particular interest in swords ... chinese swords apart from the basic punches and kicks.

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kick and punch

In the beginning of the week, Lil Devil came to me and point to the TV (which is showing the preview of FEARLESS) and said "Pah Lil Devil want see" I promised him will take him to watch this movie once we are free from all his mum's evil plan LOL!!!

Coincidentally today, his mum is not feeling well and both of us are freed from all her jalan jalan plan!!! at 2:30pm I picked up the phone and call my buddy in Ampang and get him to reserve 2 tickets for us and by 3:45pm we reached the MBO cinema for a 4pm show.

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The cinema was packed! We grabbed ourself a pack of Chacos and a large drink, dashed to the toilet and rushed to the cineplex just in time before the movie start. My buddy got us 2 very nice seats Thanks alot! :)

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Lil Devil with a pack of Chacos running to the cineplex

Lil Devil really enjoyed the movie! he was punching and kicking thru-out the movie and by the time the movie ends hes totally worn out and I hafta carry him to the car. Before we reached our parked car, hes already fast asleep lol!

Well what about the movie yeah ? Lets just say if you are into the history of Chinese martial art during the early 1900's then you should go watch it. The martial art choreography is exellent and so is Jet Li.

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The story is not "that" original anymore. Alotsa changes has been made compared to the original version. In this movie Fok Yin Kap (Yuanjia) fought with some siamese warrior (err ... Malaysia version cut short ledi one, this chapter doesnt even exist in our cinema version) but in the real story there arent any siamese also. (correct me if I m wrong)

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Also the main thing about Fok's (Huo) family is the Fok Kah Kuen (The fist of Huo's family) which were created by Fok Yin Kap (Hou Yuanjia) modified and adapted from the version Yuanjia's dad is practising Hou Yuanjia is the master of free hand martial art and not in swords, daggers and spears., but in the movie "Fok Kah Kuen" were rarely mentioned, instead lotsa fights involved the usage of weapon such as swords, daggers and spears. Those of us who has been following the original story knew how "pahwerful" the "Fok Kah Kuen" was. I gotta admit I go into the cinema hoping they will elaborate much on Fok Kah Kuen but only to find otherwise.

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JetLi in Dagger fight

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Swords fight
Fok Yin Kap (Hou Yuanjia) have a son by the name of Fok Tung Kok (Hou DungGou) who continue to carry on his legacy in China Martial art scene, dont expect this from the movie. In the movie Hou Fok Yin Kap (YuanJia) has a daughter! She (his daughter) got killed together with Hou's Mum by a student of his enemy. No mention of his son whatsoever. -_-""

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I m also kinda dissapointed with the way they are trying to chuck the whole story into a 2 hour movie tho. Everything seems to be cut short and if you compares to the real story you will feel that the story line is actually inadequate. I guessed this method is the more commercially viable way to make a film rather to make a 3 hours long movie.

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The first Chin Woo Atlethic Association

Pictures from : Fearless the Movie

here is a brief history on Huo Yianjia/ Fok Yin Kap taken from liuhopafa.com

Historical facts aside, for those who do not care about storyline, history n craps lidat this movie is really gonna be well worth your time & money! action packed, great choreography, Highly Recomended! I m looking forward to the DVD version to come out!

JetLi RAWKS !!!!

Below is the MTV for Fearless by Jay Chow (how come the fler mia hair so neat alredi one har ?)

This is the short Preview of FEARLESS THE MOVIE


  1. Eeee..your lil devil is so cute!

    The movie ah, here hopeless wanna catch any chinese movie. Latest show was Internal Affairs somewhere last May I think. Not even IA2. You say cham or not?

    Btw, I think Jet Li rocks too :)Prefer him than Jackie Chan in terms of martial arts.

  2. Woo.. yeah. i kinda sienz watching the remake of FYK. Damn changed a lot of story didn't follow original story. where can like that one.

    One more i dun like is the preview mtv. where got nice singing like ah kua. it's like relating FYK with ah kua.

    no pahwer like wong fei hong song.

  3. how come u need 2 adult ticket for u & lil devil? shouldn't they be 1 adult & i child?

  4. waah!.. you very the terror one hor. got learn wushu. somemore got learn teh kwan do! i scared scared liao lah.

  5. eh ............ please dont abuse your son can ah ??? why u give him bowl cut.... -__-"

  6. The trouble with most chinese movies is they don't do enough research before embarking on the production. That's why I personally find them insulting one's intelligence sometimes.
    Jet Li's movies 'hao siao' wan. He always gets to whack ppl but ppl can't touch him!

    I used to follow my dad to Chinwoo stadium to watch those Chinese kungfu-Thai boxing tournaments. Back in those days he too belonged to a wing chun clan. And believe me, the kungfu fighters were no match for the Thais.

  7. yeah. i think the show was great!
    but does all chinese movies actually played their MTV soundtrack before starting the show?

    i think its funny to actually do tht. especially seeing Jay Chou unsuccessfully bring the slightly pitchy opera-like voice.

  8. twisted heels : UK tarak show chinese movie one ka ? but you still can rent it right ? Jackie chan is more towards the humouruos kinda martial art thingy (i think)

    frostier : yalor in the eyes of movie makers only got money mah .... but cant blame them also lar, they are just making what the movie goers wanna see. in this case its the kungfu action. so much for historical facts huh ? haha I never liked Jay Chow anyway, i cant get a word hes singing lol!

    wuching : there is such a thing as children's movie ticket wan ? i derno bout that at all!! child ticket how much wan ar ?

    Ahpek : what terror lar all give back to sifu ledi liow! that time got join Mow see (lion dance) mah so get to learn wing chun for free lol!

    shireen : I where got abuse my son lerr ... the bowl cut ? long story, find one day i meet u then i tell u la lol

    cocka : last time we goto chinwoo to see kungfu vs taekwando, kungfu kena kick ass lol, chinese movie memang lidat one la the only thing they care is bout making money, where got facts one ?

    chengsim : yes the movie is actually quite nice if you put all the facts aside. Jay chow pulak ... lets just sa hes one hella of a terrible singer lol!

  9. If you can find places to rent Chinese movies, I salute u ler. Even Chinatown down London also susah to find latest ones. U want to find Uncle Ho here...can wait for years also hard to find!

  10. fuahhh....itu jay chou mia hair so neat ledi, I wonder who's the hairdresser? The same as your lil devil one issit?

  11. siffffffuuuuuuuuuuu.......

    cheng yumcha


    Bloody gay cow!


  13. I want to applaud you for getting the tickets. (Of course I dun have friends in hight places like you lar...:-P) I went 3 times to try get tickets but unsuccessful. I'm definitely not paying the raised price hike to go watch at the front row. WHy tip chin mai lan sau ler.... in fact, I was deciding whether I should just go buy the DVD later.... But, hearing your favorable review, I'll go try again. You know lar... I've lost faith in Chinese movie liao... lol I'll go watch this time....

    BTW, your boy is damn cute!! Really got the cheeky look..... but, who did his hair har?? DIY ar??

  14. helen : kakaka his hair I DIY bcoz the fler refused to let anyone cut his hair but me ... bcoz igot a farking huge rotan hes scared of lol nice anot his hair ? lol

  15. huo... not hou. u just turned him into a monkey...

  16. I watched this movie many times due to the martial arts systems that were mixed up in that movie.For me i'm not from China nor Asia but i come from Africa in a country we call COMOROS (composed by four islands) Anyway, i do love martial arts and i practiced some such us Taekwondo and Kung fu . Now that i'm doing my studies here in Malaysia i hope that i will get the chance to know more about this history of chin woo martial art and i'm gonna go right awayto do my inscription at the chin woo stadium here in kl to learn more about martial arts


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