18 September 2005

Selamat Hari Kek Bulan !!!

Ok that just doesnt sounds right, Anyway i Just wanna wish you all :

"Chung Chow Jit Fai Lork!!! " (Canto)
"Happy MoonCake Festival!!! " (Yingrish)
"Selamat Hari Kek Bulan!!! " (BM)

Buden like all the other celebration, I think this mooncake festival is a bit too commercialised ledi ... just imagine RM32 bucks for an average box of mooncake (4pcs) ??!!! Dsaint ate one a few days ago thats worth RM28.00 sebijik !!!! WTFOMFG !!! RM28.00 sebijik mooncake ??!!! dats gotta be daylight robbery right ?

Mine ? RM5.00 for 4 bijiks ...

My Fav Mooncake!!! RM5.00 for 4 bijiks!

Buden again, Im a poor guy who cant afford expensive mooncakes :P

Back in the old days we used to make our own tanglung outa discarded milo tin, now ? candle one arent good enuff, they want battery operated one !!! *sigh* what happened to traditional value ?? After all Mid Autumn Festival is a very very traditional event you know ?

Anyway, Happy Mid Autumn Festival ..... enuff mumbling from this oldman liow ... :)


  1. this year mid autumn not very happy,
    things have changed so much already,
    last time everything was so steady,
    now want to eat mooncake also not easy.

  2. oi...who menang the hamsup pikhure contest?

  3. Those are considered as "Ah Kua" mooncakes.

  4. Yalor, who wins? Who wins? I got my prize ready. LOL!

  5. back in the days, i used to eat leftovers, with the dogs, beat it!

  6. ahpek : if u bcome a rapper can i be ur manager ?

    simmie : the result announcement has been postponed bcozx of mid autumn festival ler :P

    kiasi : u mean those expensive mooncake or my cheap mooncake ar ?

    5xmom : oii keep it fresh !!! lol

    ky : which dogs ??? beat who ? the dogs ? lol

    Anon : yahoo!! i m being spammed!!! MALAY MAIL where are thou ?! come interbiu me !!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHA I M FEHMES!!!


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