23 September 2005

Girls of Which Race is the Horniest ?

Yesday go yum char at mamak with Eddy and Ronald, Eddy was telling us this joke which is funny as hell. Its a lil bit racist tho. Those who cant take it pulez leave now.

Eddy was asking us this question :

Eddy : Eh lemme ask you both, you know outta all the race in Asia, which is the most hamsup one for girls la?
Me : Jabpenis girls!!!!
Eddy : Wrong!
Ronald : Thaicock girl!!!!
Eddy : Wrong!
Me : Then ???
Eddy : Its indian girl la
Ronald : How come ?
Eddy : Each time they come across a guy, they would fold their hands, look down and say "wannacum"?????
Me : KAKAKAKA!! eh puki thats vanakum la!!! not WANNACUM!!!
Eddy : sounds the same mah hahaha!
Ronald : makai lu lidat also can ar ?
Eddy : haha can lar! then u guys wanna know who is the 2nd most horniest race anot ?
Me & Ronald : who who ?
Eddy : Korean girls la
Ronald : Korean girls ? mch must be some lame joke again ....
Eddy : diuuu .... u wanna listen anot wan ?
Ronald : ok ok tell la faster!
Eddy : Each time a guy does something for them, they would say "Come suck me lah"
Me : oi mch u dun blow cow la!
"Kam sa mi da" in korean actually means "thank you" not what what "come suck me lar"

Ronald : kakaka mch this fucker telling lame joke lagi ... eh mch u made us listen to your lame jokes so tonite you must blanja us roti telur 2 bijik each ok ? if not u go home yourself kakakaka!!!
Me : wuah mch Ronald u smart har .... today u fetch him got purpose one izzit ?
Ronald : Yala mch this farker stingy like fark ... if not use this way i think difficult mau see him draw wallet la
Eddy : MCH you two fuckers you becareful .... one day i sure revenge kaw kaw one!


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  2. Rojaks, lei duk chor. You femes liao. Got spammed! Woo hoo!

  3. the spammer bot crawl pps pings...

    "kam sa mi da"

  4. Hahahaha. Good one. "Wannacum"

  5. diu lor, spammers getting you already.

    Oi. you say want to announce result for your picture quiz? where? you don play play you know. i know i won already one. after i sue you.

  6. and the rojaks kept on cumming! Please take note, do not read rojaks site when driving...can cause accidents :D

  7. LOL!!! this is good. i'm gonna tell it later during lunch. hahahah

  8. anon : Hoi you wrong blog la! you should goto paultan.org

    5xmom : ahmah ngo duck jor laaa!!!

    totoro : erm got anything to do with toto 4D anot ar ?

    stan : tenkiu

    ahpek : mch! lidat also u know har! actulee i like buaya sepnder too mcuh la i thot i wanna keep it to myself ... i like the smell kakaka!

    cameljoe : wuah i m flattered ler ... buden how to read rojaks blog when driving la ?

    dsaint : so do u get food spit onto your face anot ?

  9. nvr tot of it b4..tis can be use as my 'curi makan' joke ard...

  10. *lol* hilariously wicked, rojaks..ure da man..

  11. hmm, u got plugged by Mack today... respek man.

  12. lame joke lame joke...

    wanna hear my elephant jokes? :p


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