13 June 2008

Wild Animal Party Anyone?

Who want go wild wild mia party, fast fast put up your hand up! Nuffnang and Maxis got one party kambing and only 150 lucky peeple get to go and shake their buntut she bang style! Kam on everybodi, repeat after me, “Shake your bon bon, shake your bon bon…she bang, she bang…” Something lidat lar.

As usual …I will tell lu how to gerenti your inbitation to the party. First, you kasi write a blog post with this title “Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging” and then faster send an email to Nuffnang with your permalink.

Hah? Why lidis you ask me? Ask Boss Stewie lar!

I tell you a secret ar…got three top prizes one u no? Not one, but THREE! TIGA!!!! SAM! ANJI* *ngek ngek ngek* You want more information? Go to Nuffnang lar!

I dunch habe to tell you that Boss Stewie and his Nuffnang team always throw funtastic parties wan…and this time, the theme for the party is ANIMAL theme! Means you come to the party dressed like an animal lar, not you bring your hamsters cats dogs or pet pig wokeh!

Will I go? Of coz la! I been to several bloggers gathering and even hosted one befoh but this one is spesel mia party … this one got umph mia! I always blogs at party bcoz my face too fugly and nobody wanna tok to me wan … so I pretend to be busy and blogs so ppl wont know I actually got no frend one la! This party very ngam me bcoz the all powderful Maxis is providing all the powderful broadband connection at the party so we can blog! Amajiam? Powder anot lu say?

Since this is a kostum party … I been thinking what kinda animal shall I go as? Some suggest Hippo (Kanneh!) some says Pig (niahma! This one no nid kustom la!) then got one lagi best! He asked me to come as ladybird! Lady got bird wan meh?!!! Ladybird is a tranny leh!!! I Macho mia man ok!! No Ladybird wan! … then I think think I will kam in frog kostum la! ….. Why frog? I want mehnee mehnee charbohs kiss me!!! Why got kiss? You mean you neber heard of if girls kiss a frog then the frog will turn into hansem prince wan ar? Summore I memang hensem inside wan. Now I just need a lot of mui mui jais to muax muax me, then I complete ledi. Hensem inside AND outside! You think got any mui mui jais come kiss me and make me a prince anot jek?

Who wan to turn me into a hensem a prince, faster Q up at the Nuffnang party entrance and take a number ok? I sit there wait for u to kiss me lol!

What if no mui mui come kiss me turn me into a hensem prince? I bring my laptop and blog L-I-V-E at the party lor! This spesel feature spesially brought to you by no other than Maxis broadband. Maxis hou! Maxis geng! Maxis mou duck ding! I lafu yew Maxis! Tenkiu yew!
Eh, what’s the big deal ar you ask me? First time Nuffnang party got L-I-V-E blogging gathering wokeh! Die die oso I bring my laptop to blog lor…got prize you know! Wanna know what prize? Go to Nuffnang lar! I not free now … gonna start designing my frog mia kostum ledi! You got any cheap tailor to rekomen anot?

So what you waiting for? Faster write your post and send an email to wildlive@nuffnang.com lar! Dunch forget to include your permalink ok? If you r a blogger and you derno what is permalink then u goan let ghost push la! See lu there!!

If you see a semi-hensem frog leaping around, dunch forget to kam gibe me a kiss. I very frenly wan!


  1. Wah you really go as a frog ar? I scared later so many people come kiss you, you become too handsome a prince d! Then kalah Brad Pitt!

  2. dey ! anji = 5 lar

    u meant MUNE kot

  3. wa... kena kiss then change to brad pitt ar? hahahaha


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