26 June 2008

Kopitiam Blowater - Ahbengs Be Smart! Buy Petrol Look Kad!

Remembered the quote "Customers is owaz rite"? If this is true then how come the petrol stesen is squeezing our balls?!! U got pobems with the banks you go fark them la! U char 9 our balls for wat fark? We paying you wan leh! We self serbis one leh!

What cost increase? You goan hire banglas stand there for wat fark? Banglas can serbis us? Wipe our widnscreen? Ask us "Cash or card?" Lidat call serbis? The bangla cant even speak BM to save his own life! No thanks we are capable of self serbis!

So dun try to take our credit card points from us!!! We wanna redeem kilometrico pen at the end of the year wan!!! Why kilometrico pen? What else can you claim? Judging from our inflation rate .... by the end of the year .... that bloody paria non stick wok will gonna cost you 999,923,355 point to redeem ... so my points is only good for kilometrico pen oni!

Click on image to enlarge it, the last pikture got too much text which is not so readable if you dun enlarge it.

Ahbengs pls be smart! Buy petrol pls Look Card!


  1. totally agree..i say we should take pics of those kiosks that dun accept CC..

  2. i supa salut u blada lojak.


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