5 June 2008

Kopitiam Blowater - Mat Rempit Also Despo Ledi!

Yesday nite .... while driving home going thru all the massive jam by those who is trying to get the last remaining drops of RM1.92/liter petrol .... i can feel the air is filled with angers, depressions and dissatisfactions .... I cant help but feel that I myself was at a lost of directions too .... you felt the same too?

I long time no draw edi .... today i suddenly felt the urge to express all my dissatisfactions with my terribly fugly artistic skills of mine.

NOTE : Cant really show the full size drawings thru blogspot interface, so if you got "old fawer" ledi ... then just click on the images to get a better view or to read the caption of the "cartoon" since the text is also kinda small for those with "old fawer"

What you think? True anot?


  1. I'm an everyday driver as well, and yeah, the new gas prices will definitely trouble those with low-incomes. Prices for food will surely raise, as diesel price went up by RM1 in the so-called new subsidy plan. I used to get a plate of char koay teow for RM2.50, RM3 at most, and that was about a year or two ago. Now? Less salt, less noodles, less prawns, less eggs, less sihams, even taugeh also less, and it costs a whooping RM4. Salaries are not increasing in any way, therefore we have to cope with the price hikes. There will be a point in the future where what we'll spend more than we earn. Starting Thursday, 5 June, 2008, we'll be paying RM2.70 per litre for petrol, which is an about 38% increase. RM80 used to be more than enough to fill my petrol tank, but now with the new price, I'll need about RM110 for a full tank of petrol.

    The comic? Brilliant. Explains the ever-increasing crime rate in Malaysia, especially K.L.. The place we stay is a place where there are non-stop issues & dramas; I'm sure the hype about gas price will not be the last, we'll face more problems & issues in the future that'll make our lives more miserable. Well, not for the rich, of course.


  2. yesday Q like hell lor.....

    i think the kiosk owner sleep on money lor..


    siens ah! pia kao pua si wanna have better living but nabeh gahmen DO HAVE DUN HAVE! sibeh sien lo!

    eventho i use kancil only but i know the PINCH also! siens!

  4. Lets look at the bright side. This is probably the government's strategy to reduce/eliminate those mat rempits from terrorizing our streets.

    Fuel Hike = Less money to buy petrol = Less petrol for rempits = Reduction/Elimination of mat rempits

  5. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Interesting. I love the "artistic" of the cartoon. It just reflect how dangerous in M'sia.

  6. Reduction in Mat Rempit(s)? Nah I don't think so. These people will never repent until they die. Fuel hike? Their stakes & bettings just gone higher. More illegal racing activities will be carried out on open roads.

    The way I see it:
    Fuel Hike = Less money for petrol = Higher stakes/bets = Higher Payouts = More illegal races = More casualties.

    Just expressing my opinion. I don't think that reduction or elimination of Mat Rempit(s) will happen. These guys feels as if they are street kings, doing whatever they like & becoming road bullies. They feel good about themselves.

    There will also be higher crime rates, especially snatch thieves on bikes. Sit in front of Central Market for a day, and you'll see the snatchers & pickpockets complete their daily routine.

    Bright side of the whole issue? I'm not sure, but I think that the fuel hike troubles more road users than bringing benefits to us. Most importantly, everything is related, which means soon we'll see an increment in prices for our daily needs.



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