6 June 2008

Kopitiam Blowater - Our Petrol Still Cheap leh!

I think 99% of the peeple in our country opposed to the crazy increase of petrol retail price announced yesday, the other 1% is either cronies or insane or rich ppl.

Yar rite ... they got gibe rebate to car below 2,000cc but what about those no car(s) wan? Why they have to suffer with the price increase of necessities foodstuffs since then dont drive? What kinda compensations/ subsilly they will get?

Now petrol go up edi ... its inevitable that others things that we regularly used will increase too! This is because the price of transportation increased ledi!

Whos suffering now? Farkiu la!


  1. Last time I've read an article somewhere about fuel prices in Malaysia. Yes, our country is an oil-producing country, yet the fuel prices are still so high. Why? Because our country EXPORTS high-quality petrol to other countries such as Japan. Us? We're using fuel imported from other countries, and after all the taxes & foreign currency exchange, together with the global fuel price hike, here we are today at RM2.70 per litre.

    How I hope I'm living in Venezuela, where RM5 is more than enough to fill my petrol tank to F, instead of paying more unnecessarily. Heh.

    Petronas is even listed as one of 'The New Seven Sisters', a term for the seven most influential and mainly state-owned national oil & gas companies. Yet, its' home country suffers from high petrol price. Copy paste the link below for more info on the Seven Sisters.


    And, I see the irony in the comic. Our government IS comparing our country with other non-oil producing countries. Food prices ARE increasing. Yesterday, I had my breakfast, a packet of nasi lemak for RM1.50. This morning, I went to the same place for breakfast, and the price for the nasi lemak I had from the same stall yesterday had gone up to RM2. Not sure how long I can hang on to this. The new rebate thingy on road tax ain't helping much. RM 625 PER YEAR is simply not enough for me. Now that the gas prices have increased, I'm paying about RM50-RM60 more a week, that is, about RM 200 - RM 240 per month. How much of a help could that RM 625 be? Imagine those with Honda Accords, Toyota Camrys. They don't get any rebates.

    Good luck to those with low income like me. Sell off your cars & start walking. It's better for your health too.


  2. True... its either the government is dumb or they think we are stupid! They never study one issit...such simple mathematics. they comparing singapore which is rm5.20per liter... if we convert it back to SGD is only bout 2.20 per liter.Come on la...thye are earning singpore money therefor they are only paying 2.20 per liter.. we are earning RM and 2.70 per lt is too much la!! our average earning is only how much??i think i go fly to sg to work there la..

  3. The best part is, Singapore is not even an oil-producing country. Heh. Let's migrate & make things better for ourselves.


  4. the domino effect will definitely kill us all but as Malaysian . . . . . . .hangat hangat tahi ayam kot...... hope we can sustain the complaint and get rid of the ppl involved

  5. Anonymous8:09 pm

    aussie also increase! now its AUS$1.54/LITRE.

    can die.

  6. shite... never thought of those who dont drive but have to suffer the inflation... now, that is something i have to ponder upon.

  7. the most cham wan i see are those poor ppl whose house living on generators wan ah...

    peng eu...no petrol lo lights

    sarawak got Protest of Fuel Hike this coming June 17...

    wonder end of the day cho bo lan or not the protest...


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