29 June 2008

Its Weekend la!

I was toking to Ahlian and I told her this song made me feel so relaxed n warm and fuzzy

The girl from ipanema - Nat King Cole

But she said this song more lum wor!

L-O-V-E - Nat King Cole

What say you? Which one you prefer? The girl from ipanema or L-O-V-E? By the way .. both song also by Nat King Cole wan ... so if you derno who is Nat King Cole then u goan phuack yoself la!!!


  1. I am Ahlian, and Ahlian say L-O-V-E is the lummest of all! :)

  2. lol... he is too old for me to know him :P

  3. Of course I know who Nat King Cole is. My one special favourite was " Chestnuts roasting" NKC had the most soothing and unique voice.

  4. Jake, Chestnuts Roasting sound very the wrong lei.

    Got Bossom roasting?

  5. L-O-V-E very 'lum', but Girl from Ipanema is more soothing in a way la.. Haha.. His songs are almost lullaby-like.. Very nice to sleep with his songs on the player.. xD


  6. Ahlian : Nooooo!!!! girl from ipanema is teh best!

    faisal : u know whois maradona diego anot?

    jake : wuah i found myself a kaki!

    thomas : bottom roasting or bossom roasting?

    mxv : u also a fan of nat king cole ar?

  7. nvm what ahlian think, ah beng here support u - Girl From Ipanema! damn tall, damn tan, damn young and damn lovely, wahsehhh nice a!

  8. both songs have had many renditions/covers done by many artistes over time. why? simply because both are brilliant songs... many more from Nat King Cole really.

    personally, L-O-V-E has a more upbeat and happy tune and therefore used in the 'soundtrack' of many weddings. the girl from ipanema is a more laidback loungy type of tune which is ideal for chilling out over a bottle of wine.

    if i had to decide- ahlian, i agree with ya!



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