10 June 2008

Kopitiam Blowater - SAPP u RAWKS!!!

On Change yo lifestyle ... 2 of us spent RM3.80 on dinner yesday nite and today i only spent RM3.50 so far for blekfas n lunch. I wonder whether i can keep doing this everydei anot? Buden ... that one not yet including petrol mia money la!!!

An Excerpt taken from Politic 101 Malaysia's blog :

[Barisan Nasional component party Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) leaders did not mince their words in lambasting the federal government for the drastic fuel hike which was announced on Wednesday.

While Sapp president Yong Teck Lee warned Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of a serious political fallout for the BN, the party’s youth wing went a step further by calling for the resignation of Abdullah and his ministers, reports malaysiakini.]

Elo MCA? Calling calling MCA? Over... over ....


  1. Not bad, at least that's something new from BN. SAPP rox xD


  2. tank kiu (crazy dog in hakka)...

  3. LOL. putih-putih kena tiu and then say tenkiu. Wow, it rhymes.


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