2 May 2005

Toppled SUV at Langkawi Airport Entrance

Sunday, 2:50pm "Right on time" I told John as i steer into the road leading to the Langkawi Airport. We are boarding the 4pm flight outta Langkawi flying back to K.L. It was then raining pretty heavily too, outta a sudden a Kembara with a bunch of teenagers in it overtook us from the right speeding towards the departure hall.

*They are probably rushing for their flight* i told myself and at that time John were shouting "OH FUCK! they are gonna lose it if they dont slow down" Before he could finish the sentence we all saw the Kembara taking a corner at high speed and the young driver just lost it and the whole car topple to the side and glided about 2 meter.

I step on the pedal to catch up with them and stop rite in front of the toppled Kembara, We took a look at the car and we see everyone in the car are still alive and I sped to the arrival hall which is about 12 meters away from the toppled Kembara to ask for help. A few taxi driver and airport personel rush to the scene after we told that what happened, they tried to open the door to the Kembara with the help from the passenger in the Kembara and they managed to open it and helped all the people in the car to get out. Smokes were seen coming out from the car a few minutes later. As we ourself is also catching a flight we do not have time to stay further, after we make sure everybody is safe we left to check in our flight. Needless to say I did managed to get some pictures of the unfortunate incident. I am glad no one were seriously hurt in this incident.

*P.S. If you are driving a SUV, pls bear in mind that the CG (Center of Gravity) are alot higher than those of a normal car or a sports car, so DO NOT drive it like a normal car, SUV are not made as a performance vehicle, it wont be able to take sharp corners at high speed. If you wanna speed go buy yourself a sports car. Do not put yourself in danger and drag others road users with you!

The taxi drivers are already at the scene and more airport personel were rushing to help.

The first passenger that managed to climb out of the Kembara with the help of the airport personel

The girls were being help by the airport personel


  1. Rojak wrote this:
    We took a look at the car and we see everyone in the car are still alive...

    What Rojak did not write:
    We took a look at the car and since there are no lengluis with torn blouses revealing their boobs shouting for help, both John and I decided to leave the dirty job of rescuing to the airport personnel.

    BTW, your photos all got style wor, with palm leaves framing them. Very professional.

  2. Young and eager, I guess they thought they could fly. Lucky no serious injuries though

  3. wow.. must be nuts to drive at such high speeds while raining.

    plus they are young so most prob got P AND more over it is a rented car if they are on holiday... haih. all the unnecessary trouble.

    we rented an SUV last year as well for our langkawi trip..that's the only way we could get around!


  4. hoho played too much need for speed maybe ya. cornering is always dangerous, especially in rainy days.

    We met accident once when coming down from Gohtong Jaya after rain had stopped. My friend's sports car slide in one cornering and he lost control of the steering. The tyre is too botak already and road is slippery. All we can do is just sigh and face the bang on the road divider. Lucky we didn't slide down the hill. The front tyre and bumper wrecked. The first time I get shocked. Luckily it is sports car. What happen if it is SUV? I think it will cross over the divider. ohoh

  5. That part of the airport in Langkawi me and my former friends always lepaking there one. In fact, we lepak everywhere at the airport.

    Damn, that driver really stupidlar, drive so far and during a rain somemore.

  6. 5xmom: Eh no lar! inside that car got lengluis one! buden we also rushing to catch the flight orso, so we get someone else to help them lor

    Kenneth: hehe prolly watch too much of Initial D lol! buden again some ppl do behave differently once u put them behind a wheel. *sigh*

    Jayelle : I share your view too, its a rented car wreck it also nemind *sigh*

    surfnux : Hey hows your trip back home ? Glad to know you survived the incident too and arent you glad you are not on a SUV! lol

    kljs : U lived kat langkawi b4 ? say early mah maybe can get cheaper car rental from ur frends hehe. I think those teens watched too much 2 fast 2 furious ler :)

  7. hoho my trip home was great. Watched movie, went for morning walk, saw lots of leng luis in Malacca, snap a lot of pictures, eat all nice food, but get the skin allergy. hoho

    Ya, it was good enough that we survived. Luckily my friend was a great driver. haha After the incident we have to wait for the car to be towed, go to gombak police station, report, a long process of report, then have to take taxi back to Nilai. haha The most tiring trip ever.

  8. I lived in Langkawi for 1 year and a half.
    And no, don't have local friends there. ;)
    Since we were studying there. The campus is very near the airport, that's why we lepak at the airport.

    no lar, now people watch too much Initial D....sure one, drive that corner like that, must think he is God of Driving...... ;)

  9. No mor Yingerlish liao ah?

  10. haha, yea hor... now that Mango Tan mentioned it, this post was in perfect ENGLISH.

    weh, wurd hapen 2 yer yingrish?

  11. Wah..so many blogs about Langkawi these few days! hehehe. Nice pics...and it must haf been exhiliarating to be one of the 1st handed witnesses right!! *smiles*

    Ps : driver kembara itu = bodoh separa!!


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