21 May 2005

T shirt Campaign / Ideas

In conjunction with the ex-HOT topic posted by

KennySia - Project Petaling Street T-Shirt Ideas
Kenneth Chiew - Project Petaling Street T-Shirt Ideas 2

I also have my own story / pics to share, altho they are not directly related to PPS nevadaless they are equally hillarious!

Here Goes!

I wish these were my brains!

You're a notti boy, goto my room!

Stop Staring at my tits! (touch them!)



  1. lol!! the "you've been a naughty boy, go to my room" has always been a favourite:) I'd like to have a shirt like that one day. Been seeing it on the internet since I was 12. tsk tsk.:) Have a good night, Wingz:)


  2. hohohoho cool teesss ...or was it tits? :p

  3. wow...not only the tees are kinky..the breast.*drools*

    i'd like to have tees like that ;)

  4. YES! YES!! I'm extremely naughty!! *drools*

  5. Jolene : i am willing to be your notti boy~~~ :P

    surfnux : dont tell me you planning to wear this and walks around bintang walk LOL!

    dementedchic : Muacks!!!

    dizzyguy73 : oi oi dont jump Q !!! :P


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