10 May 2005

Latest Fashion In Japan

Im BEK!!! soli braders dan sistas sekalian, manyak busy dis two weeks anyway i could spare some time to update the blog more often now.

And Now I share with lu all!!! Yapun's Latest mia trend in Fashion!!! *Lau Bei Huets*

Front View

Back View

Perspective View

If this happening in Malaysia, PAS sure got lotsa new topic to tok bout in parliment ledi ler~ lol!


  1. Wah Lau! hmmm... maybe that time PAS will not say anything but instead make it a must to wear like that in Kelantan! :P

    btw, who is that yumi?

  2. Yumi is the girl who sent me those pics lor !!! got sommo more juicy one but i knot show to u guys lar ... dats for my own koleksyen LMAO!

  3. wahlaueh..... slluurrrrppp!

  4. Tak sejuk ke pakai majiam ini?

  5. japanese people really have too much style!!! ;)


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