22 May 2005

Hello! How Are you ?

I was at my frend's doter 1 yr old birday just now. I arrived at that place around 7:20pm and the food werent served not till 8:30pm. I dunno why but could someone tell me why cina ahpek always late for this kinda dinner one ?

I think must be kiasu, everyone purposely arrive late so they dont hafta wait so long, must be!!!

Buden its not bout the dinner i wanna tok bout, you see halfway thru the dinner after the 3rd course (which is suckling piglet) i sardenlee felt cramp kat my stomach, den apa lagi la ... i getup and walk calmly to the toilet tahan-ing what was suppose to come out.

Finally i got into the toilet and to my suprise this restoran does have a nice and clean toilet. I found myself a cubicle in the middle of 3s. I close the door behind me and that is when i felt the vibration of my handphone. I said to myself "shit" who da fark would call me at a time like this ? Anyway i managed to struggle between preparing for the launching of "operation bomb tokyo" and answered the call at the same time.

"hello! how are you taukeh?" i said to the caller, its Dato Chin who was calling me. In the midst of toking to Dato Chin i vaguely heard some noise coming from the cubicle next to me.

I think hes saying "i am fine, tenkiu" i am concentrating on what Dato Chin have to say to me so i try to ignore the voice from the next cubicle. "Taukeh what are you doing now larrrr?" i asked Dato Chin and again there is this voice coming from the next cubicle "I am doing what you are doing lar, we both are crapping!"

*wah lau eh this guy thot i am toking to him kot?*
i thot to myself nevertheless i try not to let that voice divert my attention away from the conversation i am having with Dato Chin. "I need to see you ASAP, i got very important matters to tok to you bout" said Dato chin on the phone. and i replied "Can i come to your place after dinner?"

The guy in the next cubicle answered "Well, later my frend is kambing over to my place and i think its not so convinient ler"

At this point i really beh tahan liow, i cant concentrate with so many things going on around me. I am trying to shit while answering a phone call and this guy in the next cubicle thinks i am toking to him. So I decided to send a clear message to the guy in the next cubicle by toking out as loud as possible and this is what i said "DATO CAN I CALL YOU BACK LATER ? I AM ACTUALLY IN THE TOILET RIGHT NOW TRYING TO SHIT AND THEN THIS GUY IN THE NEXT CUBICLE IS ANSWERING TO ALL THE QUESTIONS I JUST ASKED YOU, THINKING THAT I AM TOKING TO HIM!"

Damn! what kinda sick bastard would tok to a stranger in the next cubicle while trying to shit ??!!! FUCK !!!!


  1. wahahaha! Funny lehhh

  2. rofl and thanks lesson leared!

  3. huahauhauhauhauhauha that fellow perasan. At first I thought the one you called was right beside u in the toilet. :p

  4. that was funny.. reminds me of an email joke.

    But woah... 1yo bd party is a banquet ah?

  5. aiyoh serious ah??? that's a cheeky retort to the dude =)

  6. hhahahaa loberrr.. damn fckin funny sial ;X kekekeke the fella damn perasan ;p




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