3 April 2008

Why Must Smile When Taking Piktures ....

If you dun smile .. you will end up like this guy in the pikture! ...

Huh? what you mean wheres the guy?

The guy is the groom la! There! Rite next to the Bride wor!

What you mean you cant see anyone next to the bride?


Now You Know Why!!! So next time u take pikture pulez remember to smile wokeh?!

Some peeple still dunch gedit .... THe answer is .... if you smiled when someone is taking your pikture ..... at least also can see your teeth la!!!! Aiyo! lidat also must explain mehhh?


  1. yooooooooou racist bastard xD
    lol, funny.

    just a passer btw, (:

  2. So er.....what if he has no teeth?
    Yahor, should smile also. At least can see the gums.

  3. ahbeng, tell that leng chai groom to do 2 months intensive face whitening first lar...at least he dunch have to depend on this teeth mah! Minimum can see lubang hidung oso good wat!!!

  4. Anonymous9:41 pm

    wat if his teeth decay, all black??? even if he smile oso cant really see... Lol...
    Janelle - *snowcandi.blogspot.com*

  5. But tiu....with a wife like that, how the fark to smile you tell me?

  6. Lol yeah.. How can u smile with a wife like that??


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