15 November 2006

I D Ten T Error

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Ahlian was having trouble with her computer, so she called Kuku (earlku), the computer guy, over to her desk.

Kuku clicked a couple buttons and solved the problem. As he was walking away, Ahlian called after him and asked

Ahlian : Kuku korkor ..... So, whats wrong with my computer jek?

Kuku dem cool lidat replied her

Kuku : It was an ID Ten T Error.

A puzzled expression came over Ahlian's face.

Ahlian : An ID Ten T Error? hamik is "ID Ten T Error?" you teach me how to fix wan ler so next time i dont have to disturb you again.

Kuku : Nvm ... its too deep for you to understand, just call me if you face the same problem again ok?

Ahlian : Kuku korkor dun lidat ler ... teach me ler ....

Kuku : Even if i teach you also u wont be able to understand one laaa

Ahlian : I want I want!! I dont care! if you dont tell me what is "ID Ten T Error" I will tell everyone in the opis you molested me.

Kuku : Wuah KNN!! so evil one meh you??!!! ok ok lar ... u wanna know what i means you take a piece of paper then you write down this word "ID Ten T error" I m sure you will know what i mean ok?

Ahlian : Ok ok I write now .... later i show u ok?

Kuku : wuahahaha!!! ok!!!

Ahlian Proceed to write the word "ID Ten T Error" on a piece of paper and this is how it reads out :


  1. When I first read "I D Ten T Error", I was expecting it to mean "identity error"! Lol!

  2. good error code..next time I'll put this as my application error code

  3. aiyo! Liddat also can??

  4. hahahaaa... mahai.

  5. wah, first to comment.
    seen before, but still funny.

  6. walau A! Damn creative wei!

    btw, earlku's site is kukujiao.com, not ciao.

  7. Anonymous9:43 am

    hahaha this is good!

  8. wakakaka... dem 9 good! New code ah? Da Rojaks Code?

  9. Tank Q for promoting my sing song projeck here ;-)

  10. My PC dun have dis 'idiot' error leh!!

  11. Anonymous5:36 pm

    lol.. im in the IT line and i get dumb ass ppl harassing me asking me to fix their bloody computers. Next time im gonna tell them its an ID 10 T error

  12. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Yeeeeee... your jokes not funny 1!

    When I see u at together-gather I'm going to tell u jokes so keng-chau u will never post this kind of lame joke again! OK?

  13. wtf..like that also can..earlku so free 1 meh.?
    now start working dy ma..

  14. Last time in F5, my chemistry teacher gave some tips also, she said "S.T......U.P......I.D", then those kia su ones fast fast copy down loh. LoL...


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