3 March 2005

Tonsils InFUCKtion!

Wah lau eh this week dem 9 lazy to blog, partly overexhausted partly sick like fark. Kena tonsils infection, now throat bengkak like hell my dokter says better potong because the fella is acting really rapidly this few months.

Diu lor if potong it takes how long to recover one geh ? Makai nx month i mau go diving with Freak magnet and her frend sommo ... sigh hopefully it wont affect my dives ler .... been postponing my trips for donkey years ledi *double sigh*

As some of you may notice, this post no picture ... i asked my Doc to take the pic of my bengkakED tonsils to put it here the fler dunwan to co-operate. I even threaten to burn his klinik down but he still refuse lol. Anyway in return he asked me to scan the testicle pics he got in his klinik n put this onto my blog! wah lau eh .. this fler really got humor man!

I told him i m not sleeping good, he gave me some sleeping pills to "pak". I just took some and the effect coming liow .... my pillow n bed also calling me ledi ... damn this is good stuffs! should ask him for more later!


  1. me also got same problem. need to go see doc...every week tonsil infucktion..so cham..got cure 1 boh?

  2. no cure .. misti potong ... knn! if not forever knot eat KFC n yaocharkwai!!! PNB !!!


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