17 February 2011

Sony Alpha DSLR Convention 2011 KLCC Hall 1

Finally Its here! It was postponed last year (2010) due to some technical reason and fortunately for us this year its a reality again! A convention created specially for Sony Alpha DSLR/NEX users.

1. To register yourself Click HERE you will be forwarded to this page below.

2. Click on Register Workshop, the next screen is where you key in your login MySonyID and password. If you lost your MySonyID and password use the password recovery system underneath the login screen. If you are new to Sony Alpha please Sign up for a new ID.

3. These are the Terms and Conditions of registration for the Sony Alpha 2011 Convention

Terms and Conditions:

*Each participant is only allowed to select and join a maximum total of 6 workshop classes
*Each participant is able to change their preferred workshop class ONLY within this page by pressing the ‘Remove’ button and Joining a different Workshop time slot
*Once a participant submits their preferred selected workshop classes
*Seating is limited and will be based on first come, first serve basis
*Should you encounter any problems registering for a Workshop slot, kindly email our Customer Interactive Center at cic@ap.sony.com

4. in total there is 14 workshops to choose from, topics ranging from landscape photography, macro photography, portraitures photography, photo journalism, travel photography, flash and wireless, wedding photography, street photography, nature photography, documentary photography, automobile photography and many more. But there is none sports photography workshop though. I wonder if this is not a good topic for workshop, no such expertise existed in Msia or perhaps Sony Alpha does not excel in sports photography? LOL! Lets keep wondering shall we?

5. So yea, you could only choose maximum 6 workshops to attend, so choose wisely. Of course your choices could be change later provided there are still places for the workshop that you wanna switch to. For now you just choose 6 of your favourite workshops and click on submit.

You will then get a message saying thank you for your registration and details of your registrations will be email to you to your email address.

Thats all to it! So go get yourself registered and I will see you there!

Dey! I know this is tedious but dun kompren la! its free after all wat? lol!

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