16 February 2011

Ferrari F430 totalled at Lorong Merican Kota Sri Mutiara K.L.

Another unfortunate Ferrari F430, this one climb the curb at Lorong Merican, Kote Sri Mutiara, somewhere in Pudu.

The Number plate removed as usual and this is necesary because according to a friend, its stated in the agreement when you purchase a Ferrari that in the event of an accident, the owner will have to remove the number plate. What is the reason behind this? maybe Ferrari dont want the owner to be stalk? lol

The rear of this F430 still intact but the front is not so lucky. The front of the car looked Totalled. I can feel the pain!!! Such a Waste!


  1. sifu! told you don't drive so fast d... see la what happened now. :p

    I think the Ferrari want the owner to remove the plate no so as they don't get malu. LMAO

  2. Anonymous1:52 pm

    lorong merican, kota sri mutiara is in kelantan la bro, near billion kota bharu


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