25 February 2009

Little Devil Recovered ledi

Lil Devil fully recovered ledi ... we took him to the optician to check his eye to make sure that he dint suffer from any post injury complications and his eyesight is still perfect.

Blardee camwhore making nerdy face

Doc said his cornea fully recovered jor ... cornea thickness also recovering very fast. He got no more phobia to go to skool anymore.

Camwhoring - pikture taken during blackout look at his eyeballs so round still lol

No more trauma ledi ... hes back to his oldself.. cheeful, naughty and freaking notti!!! so i guessed all is well!

Tenkiu lu all for your concern!!! Tenkiu Cynthia for posting eyes gels all the way from ozzy also!

I lebiu all!!!


  1. congrats... hope that these kinda thing won't haunt him anymore...

  2. he is cute... and the pics that u took for him is nice.

  3. what happen to that samseng kid?
    what did that kid father said?

  4. yappy1:21 am

    Happy for the kid ..

  5. excellent!
    now... it's time to send him to Taekwondo, Haikido, Kyoto, Yamamoto, Sumo, Ajinomoto... etc. class!!

  6. im glad it is all good now.

  7. Glad he is doing fine liau. So, how is the budak? U manage to meet up with the parents?

  8. glad he's all right now ;-)


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