11 March 2009

Underwater Photography II

Ayam Bek!

Half dead and freaking sleepy but I had a great time! and Underwater photography is freaking awesome wannnn!!!!

I not free to resize all the piktures yet but no choice kena goto work ledi ... if i given a choice hor ... i still not enuff diving yet!!! I wan stay there forever n ever n ever n be an Popesyenel Ahbeng Diver lol!

This time got a few Ahbeng n Ahlian newbies follow me go ... so no choice i kenot abandon them so i company them in their Discovery dive journey together with a few dive masters.

My Diving Ahbengs n Ahlian fwens

Mat Rempit Doing Discovery Dive

Ahlian Learning about buoyancy

Following Mat Rempit being led by Frankie the dive master.

Corals n Fishes

Alien like coral

Freaking Huge Parot Fish

Sea cucumber (neh the black thingy that looks like a piece of shit underwater one leh)

If Ahbeng wanna habe tattoo ... what will the tattoo be? a Dragen of coz!!!! heh ... meet my new pet dragon .. his name is AhLong lol!


  1. see fu!!got tattoo liao!?!?wah..kuwakchai..don pray pray!kari labu!

  2. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Am looking forward to your expose on low budget under water photography.

    Thanks and regards



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