17 July 2010

My Honda Tak Guna Latest Update

Remember this photo from the previous post?

Things beginning to turn ugly for Jess Ross (the owner), the owner of the so called "defective Honda Accord" this morning when i wake up ... a check on my facebook's wall is showing Jess Ross latest update that looked like this :

Click on the above image to get a bigger version

And if you are using a phone browser i'll cut n paste the text here for your reading pleasure :

Jess Ross Honda Malaysia's Lawyers have just sent me a legal notice. They threaten to sue me for Defamation. Not only did i spent RM140k plus to buy their car and now
they pulak want to sue. Keep it locked for more updates... coming soon.

So, you spent 140k to buy a car and you found it to be defective .... you complained and they dont give a fark, then u do watever you can to get their attention and NOW, instead of fixing the CAR THAT YOU BOUGHT FOR 140K! They trying to shut you up by suing you!!!

You gave them 140k and they sue the shit outta you!! Hows That for "The Power of Dreams"? whose dreams izzit now? ours or them? LMAO!!!

There you have it ... its your money ... you decide!


  1. MCH
    jual kereta rosak
    sekarang nak saman pulak?

  2. I can understand that dude's frustration. Nobody expect this kind of problem when buying new car. (er except Potong)

    My new car also got problem but lucky the manufacturer take responsibility and continue to troubleshoot until it's finally fixed. (Took almost 8 months to pinpoint the problem)\

    If I were that guy, I'll write direct to Honda Japan.

  3. my honda civic has the same problem too, after they check, say no problem... come back again. i talked to the MD, he says it is a common problem in every honda cars...

  4. My civic also same la... front right everytime got knocking sound... complaint no use. write letter how many times already. all useless especially the customer service.

  5. Can't they be like Toyota and admit the fault and fix the defective part? WTH

  6. update update!!!

  7. Haih, what to do...this is bolehland. Everything oso boleh (possible!!)

  8. to my honda tak guna guy: no worries, those letter of demand was mere intimidation to coerce you to withdraw any negative posting about honda but trust me if you remain firm and truthful about your predicament, they hardly have any case against you because what you said is the truth and nothing but the truth.no lies and fabrication behind everything you said and done and remember to provide the evidence to support your case later.

  9. i have intention on booking Honda Civic lately? should i book it? did they tackle this problem already? any advice???? ;/

  10. crossed out Honda from my dream-car-list...i stick to my old kapcai la

  11. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Buy new car because old car not safe to drive. Now new car also same as old car + bank loan + service charge + kena sue.

  12. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Glad wif my Proton Inspira. Helen- u must be living in stone age before, sorry for yourself.


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