16 July 2010

His Honda Tak Guna

The owner of this Honda Accord quote in his facebook

"This is what i have to do to get Justice.... so be it."

What happened? i do not know exactly what happened but he paid money to stickers company to put the word "MY HONDA TAK GUNA" which also means "My Honda is useless" all over his Honda Accord! These are the photos that he post in his facebook wall... it might shed a light about what happened ... look what he did to his Honda Accord in his fight to get justice as a consumer!

He is so pissed wit his car till he wrote there big big "My Honda Tak Guna" in the front bonnet.

"They closed the gate after seeing my car and didnt want to allow me in" Quote the owner

I guessed there is no "Pahwer of dreams" for this owner ... oni got nightmares! LOL! Way to go Honda! Do we have to dreams to get their attention? lol!


  1. Like that my Proton Saga better! LOL

  2. Dude it looks like that Honda kat Jalan Universiti there, nearby where I study.

  3. for the love of God! thats one pissed off owner LOL

  4. So, they don't allow customer to go and service their car in Honda Service Center? WTF??

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