22 January 2010

Suicide Hotline

You know suicide hotline is for what wan anot? See u Ahbengs also derno one la ... lemme exprens la ... its lidis one geh.

In some country they got lotsa binthai ppl eat full edi nothing better to do so they play suicide! Butden the gomen dunch like all this suicide suicide game ... bcoz if u suicide n die nevermind ... but if u suicide n dont die ... u gonna cost them lotsa $ trying to save u and hospital bills and operations bla bla bla ... so this gomen very smart, they kasi bikin one group n kasi open the suicide hotline. so suicide hotline is acherly a place for ppl to call to when they have the urge to suicide la! n u call up the number and tok to some sexy voice chicks n u get your boner bek and u will wanna tfk instead of suicide LOL!!!

Its acherly working in some country ... the suicide rate dropped alot and the saved quite lotsa $ n that $ prolly masuk their poket also la lol

but thats not the point you see ... last week a fwen of mine just got back from Iraq (yea the basket dem 9 rich now .. salary kaw kaw one but kena wear kevlar go work one la) n according to him they got lotsa suicide hotlines in Iraq too BUT they do things a bit differently in Iraq ...

Me : How diff?
Iraq Ahbeng : Instead of discouraging suicide they actually encourage the caller to suicide lor! They even teach them step by step guide how to suicide ok?!
Me : WTF? Why they wanna do that? too high population not enuff food to go around?
Iraq Ahbeng : no no! These Suicide hotlines centers is run by the terrorist one ma! This is where they get their endless supplies of suicide bomber la! ... anyone call them up they will say "ok sir .. come find us .. we hepchu suicide n we give u bombs" lol!
Me : KAKAKAKA!!! so thats how Iraq got so unlimited supplies suicide bombers la!!!
Iraq Ahbeng : yar ... give them few more years .. they will have surplus stock for exports also! LOL!

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