15 January 2010

Malaysia No.1 Reason - Why Cancel Credit Card?

When I call bank to cancel my credit card normally then dun ask any shitty questions one ... the just cancel for me ... but prolly in smaller town they would try to be funny (coz small down not much transactions mah! kena pretend u very busy lidat lor!) and asked u to do abit more.

This fler who went to cancel his HSBC credit card was asked to fill up a form citing the reason why he wanna cancel his HSBC credit card ... and this is what he wrote ...

ALO! click to enlarge la! who ask u smirk your eyes trying to read the reason? DUH!

If u still kenot see after u enlarge prolly due to OLD FAWER or TFK too much (yea i heard TFK too much will lead to blindness one also) then i type it out here for u la!

He wrote ....


So ... nx time if the credit card company asking u why u wanna cancel your card .. just tell him ASK NAJIB LA!!! kakakakaka!


  1. good la this wan
    tell everybody to do this.....

  2. HAHAHAHA! rite. I'M BACK!

  3. I don't have any credit card to cancel and HP will cover the RM 50 charge for the Corporate AMEX card lol.

  4. Good one. I am in the midst of canceling a few of my CC this week. If they ask me to fill in some shitty form, I might even write that reason in. haha! Cheers~!!!

  5. Good answer .. thanks for the tip. LOL


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