31 October 2008

Why you kenot trust the name of a ploduck

I was reading this post in brader Zewt's blog just now then suddenly i remembered something i read few weeks ago which is kinda hillarious.

Yea, if u dint know yet ... this is about those melamine tainted biskut that will slowly kill you if you keep walloping them. So to keep us from committing suicide by stuffing ourselves with melamine our niuspepah published a list of products briff to be unsafe for walloping. In this pikture published by The Star .... got mention a few types of biskut by Khong Guan which fail the test wan ....

If you look at item no.6 in the upper half pikture .... u can see an item by the name of

Biskut HEALTHY cracker SIAL!!! HEALTHY!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!! Eat healthy sommo la! Die ledi also derno for what! LOL! Eat Siew Yoke Better la! Die also worth it! KAKAKAKA!

Lets say lar .. u r those type the briff what u read on products labels .... u sure think this biskut wallop ledi dem healthy one rite? then u wallop more bcoz u wanna be Healthier ma!

This is why u kenot trust the name of a ploduck lor! Dun say i neber teach u ok?!

Whether directly or indirectly ... looks like China is gonna be the biggest killer of all time! One of these days they will wipe out a big part of the world .... if the world still havent wakeup yet by now. Its not the 1st time ledi .... They will keep doing this to make more $ wan!

If you has been following China's industries growth ... you will learn that china businessman no heart one ... becoz of money they can poison the whole village and wont feel a thing!

Come to think of it ... whos the biggest terrorist now huh? lol!


  1. i agree i already boycott china products, if can try to avoid them as much as possible

  2. earn the money and kill the enemy. what a move.

  3. hahahaha.... eat healthy... die!!! eat siew yok better eh?

    chinese man... worst in the world when money is on the table.

  4. I thought is biskut rokok........

    ha! you oso didn't notice ar?


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