5 April 2010

Malaysia F1 Sepang 2010 Practise Session - Closeup Panning

The one most important thing you must remember when going for any kinda F1 races is the Ear Plugs. Its so effing loud that your ear drums could burst anytime! FML i forgotten to bring mine along ... lucky for me i still got a pair of earphones in the car. That actually did the job ... not as good as the ear plugs but still it worked!

Its a little bit diff this year ... last year they setup a security parameter and body search everyone to make sure you dont get to bring any water/food into the area but this year no one is checking. Food is expensive tho ... the cheapest being hotdogs combo sets with drinks at RM25 a pop. I regretted i did not bring my own nasi lemak tahpau ....

I arrived at around 11am+ armed with only one lens (the Sony 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G) and left with only 30 minutes of the 1st practice session I imediately sprung into action after shook the hand of a fler photog i met at the podium.

Half way into the action i got bored, instead of panning the whole car i challenged myself to do closeup panning at least half a car with the driver innit.

Kovalainen from Team Lotus looking at my direction

Team Virgin

Closeup panning begin! Team Lotus

Closeup panning : Team Williams

Team Red Bull

Closeup panning : Team Ferrari

Team India

Closeup panning : Team Kingfisher

Closeup panning : Team Mclaren

Closeup panning : Vettel Team Red Bull the Sepang F1 2010 winner

Closeup Panning : Team Petronas

Closeup panning : Team Williams

Closeup Panning : Michael Schumacher

Closeup Panning : Michael Schumacher


Team India Overtaking

Team BMW Sauber spinned out on the track

Ferrari fans

australia supporters

Closeup panning is fun and can be very challenging too! Looking forward to AFOS Race next month!

Whats the settings I used? Just for the benefits for those who might ask ... (actually the settings is kinda depends on the enviroment also ... i.e. : how strong is the natural light, is it overcast or cloudy etc etc)

Shutter speed : it varies from 1/160s till 1/250s
Aperture : from f8 to f18
DRO : Off
CPL : On lens
Lens used : Sony 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G
Camera Used : Sony Alpha A550

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